Friday, October 21, 2005

I have no life you say?

I was just listening to the latest chapter of Letter to America where it was insinuated that I have no life (thanks guys) and that my comments were lazy. In fact, my performance was so half-hearted I was practically accused of 'phoning it in.' Well, let the record show that I WAS phoning it in thanks to Skype.

But this podcast has me thinking. Do I have a life? Or am I just another hamster running on this crazy wheel we call Northern Ireland? You decide.

This is my typical day:

1. Get up.
2. Get on the train.
3. Get off the train.
4. Spend the morning thinking of yet another radio ad for yet another shopping centre.
5. Lunch.
6. Spend the afternoon looking at this.
7. Get on the train.
8. Eat.
9. Watch TV.
10. Go to bed.
11. Rinse. Repeat.

(I think that schedule is pretty darned...what's the word I'm looking for? Shitty? That'll do, I suppose.)

However, today has taken a magical twist. I have 8 paid vacation days that I literally HAVE to take before Christmas.

(This isn't the States folks! Over in Bush Land, taking your earned vacations is akin to a right proper "Poke" in the boss's "Bake". (That means a "Punch" in the "Weasel Like Face" to those who only speak American English) Your holidays are not yours to actually take. Ha! HA! You fool! No, you simply accrue them to show your boss how much you love working for him by NEVER taking them. That's what a loyal worker bee does! You work until you die! Then you may take your vacation. You've deserved it!)

Anyway, where was I?

Oh, yeah. My magical day off. Let's compare and contrast just how different today is from every other day:

1. Get up.
2. Make coffee.
3. Drive my wife to work.
4. Do laundry.
5. Go to the grocery store.
6. Do more laundry.
7. Make dinner.
8. Watch TV.
9. Go to bed.
10. Contemplate suicide.

See? Big 'ol difference! Boy, living abroad sure is exciting and different! I can't wait to start my day!

But before I do, I think I'll add just one more item to the Honey-Do list so that my day is just as full as any other:

11. Go to liquor store.


Anonymous Jefferson Davis said...

It sounds a hell of a lot like my day, except in the states. Oh what a tangled web we weave, only to decieve. LOL... Yep, my day is just as lame, or worse perhaps. Anyway, keep up the blogging, and don't let Jett pick on you to much. LOL...

7:57 pm  

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