Monday, October 10, 2005

It Doesn't Take A Wizz

It’s the little things that make living in Northern Ireland so different.

Apart from the domestic cleaning products named after the domestic mess you’re trying to get rid of (see pic) there’s the way the British take a normal, innocent, coming of age fashion transition and transform it into an evil, sinister way of life.

Note the following:

American Redneck: Fun loving good ol’ boy. Likes his beer, loves his girlfriend Urleen, and will protect his family come hell or high water.

British Chav: Juvenile delinquent. Likes booze, loves puking in the street and will text you before he slams a cinder block through your living room window.

(True story: recently a young girl was attacked by a gang of these thugs. After they’d tortured and raped her, they stole her cell phone and called her mother to laugh about what they just did. I’m not trying to be funny here. They really are complete losers.)

Well, all I can say is, it doesn’t take a wizz to know which group I prefer.


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