Tuesday, October 11, 2005

There is a God!

I would just like to express my bed-wetting enthusiasm for the new More 4 channel that debuted last night on Freeview. (For my US reader(s) Freeview is a digital broadcast service that is available by buying a Freeview box and hooking it up to your regular antenna (yep, people still have antennas over here, or "aeriels" as they call 'em. It's kinda like cable, I guess. I honestly don't know how the hell it works.)

Why am I so excited? Three words: The Daily Show.

For my non-American reader(s) this is proof that not all Americans are drooling pin-heads that lick up every word Dubya vomits through his Texan drawl. This is important to me. I'm tired of defending my fellow Americans. Some of us do have brains, afterall.


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