Thursday, October 13, 2005


Seriously, I would like to make a decent post today but I feel like total shit. Sore. Achy. Stuffy head fever so I can rest medicine type sick (sorry, advertising reference... shouldn't do that, I suppose.)

Anyway, I'll come up with something as soon as I don't feel like a train wreck anymore. Besides, nothing too exciting has happened over here the last couple-a-days anyway; except that I suffered my most embarrassing purchase in my life (besides trying to buy a porn mag when I turned 18-- an experience I won't relate right now). Lord knows that buying a video game should be a comfortable experience but, apparently, if you're over 30 and don't have kids, buying this cosey-cutesy-wootsy game puts you in the league of child molesters and Catholic Church clergy.

Well, goddang it! It IS a cute game and the fact that I had to go to THREE different stores to find it today should say much more about the appeal of this totally ridiculous experience than the fact that I copped out sick an hour early from work to hunt it down.

OK. I bought it. I have to live with it. (And, yes, I REALLY am sick.)

I'm going to bed.


Anonymous Jefferson Davis said...

Hey Wayne, I appreciate you commenting on my blog. I hope you didn't mind me linking to your blog, but I figured it would help your hits and mine. Anyway, keep on blogging. Thanks a lot...

11:39 pm  

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