Monday, November 07, 2005

I Have No One to Blame but Myself

I will spare you the normal Monday morning bitch session (yes, I’m tired. No, I didn’t get any damn sleep. Leave me alone!) and cut right to the chase. I’m sleepy because I stayed up late last night watching the last episode of Six Feet Under which didn’t finish until 12:30.

My review in a nutshell: Crap-tacular.

The only redeeming moment was when Future Brenda’s head lolled back while her insipid brother yakked away. He literally bored her to death, which I thought was nice. It was a small payoff for a show that ran for six years, but I can live with it (do I have a choice?). So maybe Crap-tacular is a bit harsh. I’m just annoyed that I stayed up so late viewing familiar characters getting knocked off one by one while wearing bad wigs.

It’s just another reminder of why I’m avoiding that shit-pool that is Lost (because of the bad drama that is, not the bad wigs. The hair on Lost is immaculate. They're just bad actors). I watched the first episode last year and was completely unimpressed but I told myself that most shows take four or five instalments to find their feet but my interest steadily declined. It’s a bit, uhmm, pish*, shall I say, for my taste. It doesn’t exactly reek of high adventure as the hype would have you believe. It does reek of something, but god knows of what.

Speaking of reeking death (see what I did there?) I’ve just been horribly reminded of yesterday afternoon when my wife and I boldly went where no human under the age of 80 (judging by the shuffling hazards wielding dangerous looking umbrellas and toxic amounts of old women perfume) has gone for a very, very long time—Marks and Spencer. It’s a shame that the bra gods of the UK have allowed themselves to fall so far behind the times (apparently they have the best and most comfortable bra selection around. I’ve yet to try them for myself…yet).

Anyway, where was I? I got a bit distracted when an image of some of them old coots trying on the Granny Boulder Holders…Oh, yeah, yesterday was kinda crappy.

And I watch too much TV.

*Pish is Northern Irish for Pissy. But you probably knew that.


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