Thursday, November 03, 2005

Meet lovely Lulu

Today, after a rushed start (Wow! Copy for a poster! Lines for a whiskey company Direct Mailer! 67 whole words!), I finally found time to settle into creating my artistic masterpiece for the day.

Witness the Ben & Jerry Action Toy Cow! (No, I'm not going to show you the finished project. That would ruin it for you. Maybe someday...)

I’ll admit right up front that I found it harder to cut out the pieces than I originally thought it would be. I’m a grown man, for god’s sake. A four year old with safety scissors would have made less of a pig’s ear out of this project than I ultimately did--which ended with me hunched over the cutting board with an X-acto Knife, sweat dripping from my brow. (It was high drama, people. Not for the faint of heart.) But I enjoyed it nonetheless. In fact, I’m enjoying looking at it so much I wonder why I didn’t get around to this project sooner.

The aesthetically pleasing black and white bovine-ness is adding a certain vibe to the office environment I didn’t think possible. I’m feeling pretty tranquil, like I could burp up part of my pork pie and chew dreamily on it for the rest of the day. (I’m really tempted right now to do Ye Olde Blog Bait and Switch and ask you to post your lamest time wasting tricks. But I can’t do it. I JUST CAN’T!)

But alas, no chewing of cud for Wayne. Duty calls and I must dart to the recording studio for more glamorous, star-studded VO direction.

I hope Lulu will be OK.


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