Friday, November 04, 2005

Shout out to my PEEPS!

I've just been informed via email from a dear friend of mine back in my ol stompin' grounds of Colorado (Hi Annie!) that I might, perchance, maybe have a bit of cult following growing in her ol stomping grounds of Washington, Kansas. So let me just take a moment to say "Hi" to the folks in Kansas that have found my lovely little blog. (BTW I actually LOVE Kansas and the Midwest in general. You folks are some... no I take that back... you ARE the nicest people I have ever met (I went to school in Iowa, so I know.). It's a good topic for another blog.)

So anyhew, spread the word and write in sometime and let me know what you think about my Ordinary-ness. I'm all about spreadin' the love. And if you find something interesting, send it to me and I'll post it for ya... or maybe not. (I'm kind of a fickle son of a bitch sometimes. You have been warned.)


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