Friday, January 20, 2006

Hooray for Mr. Bear!!

Despite what you might think, life in solitary confinement isn't so great.

Oh sure, you say to yourself, "Myself, I think I'll commit a hideous crime and spend the rest of my life alone with my thoughts and take up yoga or Buddism and find my 'true' self.'"


"Myself, living a life of solitude away from the jackasses and busybodies of this screwy ride we call existence would be a dream come true. I could write the Great Novel, solve the problems of the universe and/or Wank myself silly."

And though that may be true (especially the wanking part), this is what else you might be thinking, "Fuck the rest of y'all. This blows."

Keeping this in mind, I have to say that I am anxious to hear what the Playaz have to offer because my sanity rests solidly upon it. If I can regain my name and go about my daily life I would surely do whatever they ask. This is not a point of weakness on my behalf. The Playaz, as most of you should know, never lose. That's a fact.

Anyway, Jett has/will set up some sort of competition and we (the Playaz and I) will have to follow wherever the chips may fall.

In the meantime, Phil, my pet rat, has delivered a Palm Pilot. With it, I have discovered an unsecured Wi-Fi connection in my vacinity. I am using it now to type this in with my thumbs (my other fingers being rendered useless by my constant scratching at the cement walls). Also, with my new accessory I have been able to download a cute little story making the rounds around (and around) the cell block. It's a good story (Me likes stories!)


This is Mrs. Bear. Mr. Bear has been neglecting his lovely wife. Mr. Bear spends his time at the pub. Can you say "Pub" boys and girls? Mrs. Bear spends many, many nights all alone in a GREAT BIG BED. All alone, is Mrs. Bear. Poor Mrs. Bear!

What's this? Why, it's Cuddle Monkey! He feels bad for Mrs. Bear and it looks like he's come to keep her company. Yay! Mrs. Bear won't be alone anymore!

MMMM! Cuddle Monkey's breath taste like cinnamon!

Well, it looks like tasting cinnamon all night makes you VERY happy and VERY tired.

Oh NO! Mr. Bear is home from the pub. He doesn't like cinnamon AT ALL! It makes him all bloated and cross.

But what's this? It looks like Mr. Bear has had a change of heart! He DOES like cinnamon! In fact, he LOVES it! What a happy ending!


Anonymous Shane a.k.a. "Jefferson Davis" said...

LOL... That's fucking hilarious as usual Frank. Great post... :-)

11:41 pm  

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