Thursday, January 12, 2006


I've spent the last day (or is it a month? I have no idea.) thinking of a resolution to this insane controversy. I understand that Wayne from Playaz Ball is, or claims to be, the original all encompassing Wayne, but good God, man can't you let sleeping dogs lie (in fact, aren't you dead, for crying out loud!?! Talk about sleeping dogs!)? What about the rest of us Wayne's? We can't help what our overly-sedated, bow-legged Mammys named us. IT'S NOT OUR FAULT!

Anyway, here are some ideas that will hopefully get me out of this chip/pish-scented dungeon of hell and back to my real job of copywriting:

1. I live by a conglomeration of the names "Frank" and "Wayne" (no, that won't do... I could NOT live my life named "Wank"... either in the U.K. OR America.)

2. I indebt myself to eternal servitude to the Playaz. (Not bloody likely, thank you very much... I'm already married.)

3. I listen to their indubitably irrational demands and do my best to comply. (Probably the best option... they are the Playaz afterall.)

Anyway, I send this via Phil the Rat through the sewers and hope and hope and hope that my pleas will be heard by somebody on the outside. I HAVE to get out of here! My rent is overdue!

Until that day, dear reader, I remain forever "Wank".


Blogger Phil said...

Be on notice that Wayne is in fact alive, not dead, as we previously thought (not that it mattered in your case).

There are no other Wayne's that I am aware of who publish a journal/blog/what-have-you, touting the name "Wayne" (thus the source of conflict between your public persona and our Wayne's).

And please instruct your messenger rat to stop going by the name "Phil", or we will have him destroyed.

3:00 pm  
Blogger WOA said...

"Phil" the rat is quick, my friend. Quicker than lightening but less ouchy when you touch him--good luck catching him. Ironic? Perhaps, but the name keeps me focused on my true enemies...those who would destroy me...those who would have me incarcerated...those who like fowl. I'm looking your way Playaz...

3:09 pm  

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