Monday, January 23, 2006

Today is Frank and Bean's Day!

In light of the recent LTA pod cast I have decided to not make things any worse than they already are and rename my pet rat as a pre-emptive measure. The Playaz might get me but they won’t, I repeat WON’T get my fuzzy little friend. Instead of ‘Phil’ I have taken to calling him ‘Beans’. Somehow I find it comforting. Frank and Beans they’ll call us. Good ol’ Frank and Beans, I love those guys! Going on a picnic? Let’s take Frank and Beans! And so on…

So an internet stare-down is in the cards? Sounds good to me, though my life of near darkness has made me very sensitive to light and I worry that the LCD of my laptop will blind me permanently. It’s worth the risk, however, whatever the price.

Also, it has come to my attention that the story of Mr. and Mrs. Bear (see below) has somehow been twisted and skewed and this classic children’s tale has now become an over-sexed, overly-violent cautionary tale of modern society. Bah! That’s all I can say. BAH!

In fact, I hear rumours that another happy little adventure is coming soon…


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