Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Little Life Lesson

Working in advertising definitely has its' ups and downs.

Take today for instance-- I was called out of the office for an important photo shoot.

"Wayne, you mustn't dally. We desperately need you to model. Join us post-haste. It's a truly spledid opportunity," said the Creative Director.

On a couple of occasions I have managed to make a few extra "squids" by volunteering various parts of my body to the better advertising good. My busted up, mangled hand (I broke it punching a cow about a year ago...true story) was absolutely perfect for a Halloween promotion. My ear was used for an airport poster advertising a local radio station and my hair (what there is of it) was Photoshopped onto a nice soft pillow for some damn thing or another. The point is, it's easy money.

(I would like to interrupt myself for a moment and let you in on a very important life lesson: Saying "Yes" to new opportunities is a good thing. Through them we grow and learn and become better people. But, and I say this out of love--out of a deep heart-felt comittment to all my loyal readers-- please, for the love of Pete, find out what the fuck you're saying "Yes" to.)

I won't tell you who the client is or what they sell. All I know is that some of the money is going toward a nice big fat bottle.


Blogger Phil said...

Are you sure it's modelling? I'd be concerned that you are being prepared to be eaten.

2:05 pm  
Blogger WOA said...

I wondered that myself, Phil, but thankfully the other "models" had been fed a nice buffet of menudo and goulash before my arrival.

3:01 pm  
Blogger Jefferson Davis said...

Hey, I like the new color scheme. Keep blogging

10:53 pm  

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