Sunday, March 12, 2006

LTA All the WAY!

This was how my Saturday began:

I woke shaking with laughter from a joke I had created in my sleep. In my dream it was the world's cleverest joke and it made me instantly famous. I was invited on the Conan O'Brien Show where I sat next to Katie Holmes (who was promoting a new line of Kellogg's wholegrain jockstraps). My task was to wait for her to inevitably start blabbing about Scientology and then interrupt with this gut buster:

ME: You know, Conan. Driving out Thetans reminds me of an old joke. How do you get rid of a Breath-Kebab?

CONAN: I don't know Wayne. How do you get rid of a Breath-Kebab?


: It lingers!

STUDIO AUDIENCE (Throwing underwear onstage and laughing hysterically): We love you, Wayne!

See, it's "jokes" like this (no, I don't know what it means either) that keep me humble and poor as a simple blogger while the real movers and shakers like Jett from Letter to America dress in fancy duds and go to award shows.

I picked Jett up around noon to drive him down to Dublin for the Irish Blogger Awards. (He was nominated in three different categories--Arts and Culture, Best Photography, and Best Blog).

I was surprised to see him looking this way.

Suddenly, the blue jeans, Reeboks, baseball cap and denim shirt I was wearing when I picked him up in my Fiat Punto seemed a little out of place. I felt I should go out and rent a Mercedes or Land Rover-- anything that would better suit such a sharp dressed man. But there simply wasn't time to worry about myself. This was Jett's night.

Anyway, here's a short photo journey of our day.


We drove straight into the city center to this parking lot with no map. I instructed Jett to photograph our spot--just in case we got lost later on and had to bribe someone to guide us back.

Amazingly, we found the car with no problem after the ceremony but it doesn't change the fact that my legs look short and stumpy.

Here's Jett being escorted through the streets of Dublin on his way to the ceremony.

I stayed behind and swept the celebrity rose petals off the sidewalk. It was a great opportunity to capture Jett in his element.

Jett comparing something or the other with his friend Markus Valentine.

Jett and I waiting for the awards to start.

This was the one and only part of the evening that I wasn't answering the question that was on EVERYONE'S lips. YES, Jett is really like this ALL the time.

The gang from Fustar.

I really enjoyed meeting them but for some reason I can't remember their individual names (I'm bad that way. Sorry guys! I'm gonna link to you to make up for this.)

They are some of the nicest, most laid back bloggers I have ever met-- and I've met at least 15 bloggers in my lifetime--most of them on Saturday night.

I look forward to working with them on our quest to find Aine in Sligo.

(No, Fustar. We weren't joking. You'll hear from us. I promise!!!


And how did our day end? Did Letter to America win any awards? Well, you'll just have to tune in and find out. It's not like me to ruin the surprise.

Authors note: Thanks to everyone at the Irish Blogger Awards for making the night so much fun. You've inspired me to pull my finger out and work a little harder. There's a lot of good work out there and, hopefully, I'll be a nominee myself in 2007.)


Anonymous copernicus said...

Word up Wayne! Team Fústar sends big love your way following our great meet-up at the blog awards. We were completely charmed by Team Letter to America's interaction of laid back style (Wayne) and effervescence (Jett). Chilling with you was a major highlight of the evening and it's great to see you made it home in one piece. Wasn't sure you wouldn't head up the M4 instead of the M1 to make a detour.

For the purposes of your record the picture includes from left to right Fústar (John), Copernicus (Ger), Catherine (long-suffering darling of cop's) and Jess (Fústar's main squeeze and site designer).

Til next we meet, Avé.

8:57 pm  
Blogger WOA said...

Thanks guys. Sadly, we decided on the M1 route. We just couldn't go to Sligo without you!

7:33 am  
Blogger Phil said...

RIP, Richard Dawson.

5:38 pm  
Anonymous Jess said...

Hi Wayne,

Twas lovely to meet you on Saturday too. To set the record straight 'Team Fústar' was just for the Blog Awards. All the work on Fústar is done by Fústar himself (John on the left of yer pic). I designed the site and Copernicus occassionally guest posts. We offer our humble support whenever he needs it but the hard slog is done by the lad himself!

Hopefully we'll see your blog up for an award next year, and the Aine-hunt sounds like a good idea.

6:03 pm  
Blogger WOA said...

Ah, Aine... Yes, we'll have to track her down before she's bigger than life (which might be happening even as I type this). I wish we could've hung around longer Saturday night but the podcast called (I think the final result speaks for itself).

And Phil, It was a valiant effort. Richard was old. At least he went out fighting (and probably reliving his Hogan's Heroes days.).

6:10 pm  
Anonymous fústar said...

Have added you to my links page Wayne. Apologies for not doing so before.

Very much enjoyed meeting yourself and Jett, but twas a pity we couldn't have dragged ye out for pints (even though Mr. Loe doesn't drink [at least according to the podcast]).

Speaking of which, the podcast was most excellent, even though I find it hard to believe anyone can get lost between Belfast and Dublin...

We must, as Jett said, hook up again before too long for Áine-hunting or, perhaps, Lake Monster spotting in Connemara. I'm back to being plain old fústar (the solitary blogger) once more, but should the situation demand it, I imagine I can reassemble 'The Team' without too much fuss. Jess is a dynamite expert, Catherine is deadly with knives, Copernicus is a practitioner of alchemy, and I can whistle so loud it disables my foes.

Such power...

9:19 pm  
Blogger WOA said...

It's true: Jett does NOT drink and we totally got lost on our way (Eineskillen [sp]) was our next stop had we not asked for directions at the next petrol station (believe it or not the podcast is a very true representation of our day).

Gather the team: we'll need you to find Aine in her true glory. It'll be the podcast of all podcasts!

10:15 pm  

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