Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Star is Born

Yesterday, as I was standing on the platform waiting for my train to work, I had an odd experience.

A young man, maybe 18--maybe 20 years old-- kept staring at me. In itself, that's not so unusual. I'm a decent looking guy and I'd never be one to hold that against anyone (except my wife...buh-dum-dum-duh!). What I mean is, I realize that I look different from your normal Northern Ireland chap. I'm 6 foot 2 for one thing. I'm blond (or was blond at one time). I wear a baseball cap properly (note to the chavs and spides: you guys couldn't wear a cap to save your lives. You look like 60 year old fishermen (bend the goddamn brim you fucknuts!!!) But since you're constantly drunk on cider and glue fumes, I suppose that doesn't really matter to you one way or the other.)

Anyway, I was standing on the platform and this guy kept staring at me. Finally, just as the train was approaching, he said, "Aren't you Wayne Ordinary American?"

Well! That was a surprise! I can't remember the last time my morning train showed up on schedule! Also, some strange person recognized me from a podcast.

I turned to him and admitted that, yes, that was me.

"Your show rocks!" he smiled.

I thanked him but before I had a chance to explain that my primary role on Letter to America is to basically show up on time and try not to talk when Jett is talking, the train came to a stop and my iPod buds shot instictively into my ear canals and I couldn't hear another word he might have said.

I told this story to a couple of people at work and they were totally psyched for me. "Wow," they said, "you're like a celebrity or something! You're actually a celebrity!"

By nature I'm a humble guy and I really don't know what to think about my current situation but I do think it's kinda cool in a "I'm a minor geek celebrity in Northern Ireland" kind of way.

So I'll take my glory where I can find it. Beside, unless this celebrity thing starts paying some beans, I still have to show up for my day job.

(Stardom really is over-rated.)


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