Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Day in the Life

I'm not going to tie this posting into the most recent Letter to America podcast.

I'm going to let Chapter 30 of LTA speak for itself.

This posting is all about my totally relaxing, super Sunday. It was so nice it almost makes you believe that there is a God.

Today, we went to Castle Ward.

This is the road/walkway to where the servants and the people who did the actual work used to toil away their days. There's a mill of some sort or another down here. I don't like to think about it because if I had lived in that day and age I would've been the kid that kept the grindstone moist--probably with my own sweat and/or blood.

Here's the gateway to the sea. This is where I would have drowned if I had enough blood in my veins to crawl this far in an attempt to escape. Had I lived in that day and age, that is...

Believe it or not, Castle Ward is a building of two halves...literally. The front half (seen here) is built in the "Classic Style"...

While the back half is built in the Gothic style. (And if you peek in one of the windows you will see two stuffed boxing squirrels (honestly). I would have taken a picture of said squirrels but...well... I didn't.)

I felt compelled to take a picture of the sky for a couple of reasons:

I'm sick to death of a-holes and nay-sayers crying about how it ALWAYS rains in Ireland. This is authentic photographic proof that today was absolutely brilliant and lovely and gorgeous and cloud free. So Bpllllffooooooooop, Mr. A-hole Nay-sayer!

I only include this photograph because I don't really understand it. Obviously, it's some god like Zeus or Michael Caine but I don't understand why he's got what looks like a miniature baseball bat clutched in his hands. And why is there some sea creature arm grabbing his crotch? And why does he seem so unconcerned about it?

Ah, questions my friends. I've got nothing but questions.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good weekend and check out Chapter 30 of Letter to America and let me know what you think now that you can actually hear my voice on the recording.

(UPDATE: The blue sky was a passing thing. By the time we got home this afternoon, which was somewhere around 2 p.m. the sky clouded over and it began to rain like you wouldn't believe...that's Ireland.)


Blogger Phil said...

The mic is a big positive.

I think that statue is of Moses, who held the then-homerun record while using a rolled-up Ten Commandments.

5:50 pm  
Blogger WOA said...

Wow. I think you're right. Hadn't thought of that...

6:00 pm  

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