Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fun with Google

Today, I am conducting a little experiment. I’m going to tell a short story, translate it to German and then translate it back to English to see how accurately Google Language Tools can handle the task. I’m going to make the story as simple as possible (as soon as I think of one)…

Ok, here we go.

One morning, our hero Wayne (extra) Ordinary American, woke and rubbed the sleepy-crunch-globs from his bloodshot little eyes.

“Ah, morning! My most favourite time of day!” said our hero. “Each day is like a little gift from the Thetan warlords who will me to do their bidding. I can’t wait to see what crazy misadventures are in store for this brisk, rainy Tuesday! Well, I’ll be! Isn’t that freezing rain and sleet mixed? Why, it is! Hooray! Walking to the train station will be a slippery challenge!”

Then our hero stumbled to the kitchen, flipped the switch for the hot water, brushed his teeth, took a shower, caught the train and went to work where he accomplished many a splendid thing.

Then he went home and fell asleep on the sofa watching “Pop Idol” or maybe it was “Beauty and the Geeks” or some such shit.


And now in German:

Ein Morgen, unser (Extra) gewöhnlicher Amerikaner HeroWayne, weckte auf und rieb das Sleepyknirschen-globs von seinen kleinen Augen des bloodshot. "Amperestunde, Morgen! Die meine meiste Lieblingszeit!", besagt unser Hero. "jeder Tag ist wie ein kleines Geschenk von den warlords Thetan, die ich ihr Bieten tun. Ich kann nicht warten, um zu sehen, was verrückte misadventures im Speicher für diesen lebhaften, regnerischen Dienstag sind! Gut bin ich! Wird nicht dieser das Einfrieren Regen und Sleet gemischt? Warum, es ist! Hooray! Das Gehen zur Zugstation ist eine glatte Herausforderung!", Dann stolperte unser Hero zur Küche, schlug den Schalter für das Heißwasser, gebürstet seinen Zähnen leicht, nahm eine Dusche, verfangen dem Zug und ging, zu bearbeiten, wo er viele eine herrliche Sache vollendete. Dann ging er nach Hause und fiel schlafend auf dem Sofaaufpassen "Knall Idol", oder möglicherweise war es "Schönheit und das Geeks" oder etwas solche Scheiße.


And now back to English:

Today I lead a small experiment. I will explain, translate a short history her to the German and translate her then back to English, in order to see, how exactly tools Google Sprachdie task can touch. I will as simply form history, as possible (as soon as I think of one)..., here we go to o.k..

One morning, our (extra) usual American HeroWayne, woke up and rubbed Sleepyknirschen globs from its small eyes bloodshot.

"ampere-hour, mornings! My most favourite time!", means our Hero. "each day is like a small gift of the being lords Thetan, which I their offering do. I cannot wait, in order to see, what crazy misadventures in the memory for this lively, rainy Tuesday are! I am good! Isn't this mixed freezing rain and Sleet? Why, it is! Hooray! Going to the course station is a smooth challenge!"

Then our Hero stolperte to the kitchen, struck the switch for the hot water, brushed its teeth easily, took a shower, gets caught the course and went working on where it completed many a wonderful thing. Then it went home and fell sleeping on the sofa watching out "bang Idol", or possibly it was "beauty and the Geeks" or something such shit.


Wasn't that fun, boys and girls? Weee!

Nicht daß waren Spaßjungen und -mädchen? Weee!


Anonymous Jama said...

Not even close. Poor google.

2:36 am  
Blogger Phil said...

I think "Sleepyknirschen" should be made available to children right before bedtime - a delicious treat that is both nourishing and sleep-inducing.

3:25 pm  
Blogger WOA said...

Hmmmm... I smell a new marketing opportunity with Sleepyknirschen...probably whiskey based but, in a pinch, morphine...

6:27 pm  
Blogger Phil said...

Yes. A "brittle" maybe? Some kind of sweet tasting nut cluster with benadryl (morphine? c'mon, wayne, are you sick?)...

7:42 pm  
Anonymous Jama said...

Phil, all children should be given morphine until they are 18.

12:18 am  
Blogger Jett Loe said...

This should be Wayne's new schtick on the show - we'll translate everything you say into a foreign language of the week and see what happens...

9:26 am  
Blogger WOA said...

Next week, I suggest Korean.

10:40 pm  
Anonymous Sue said...

To make it a bit more interesting here it is in Ebonics -

One morning, our hero Wayne (extra) Ordinary American, woke an' rubbed da sleepy-crunch-globs from his bloodshot little peeps.

“Ah, morning! My most favourite tyme o' day!” said our hero. “Each day iz like uh little gift from da Thetan warlords who will me ta do they bidding. I can’t wait ta see what madness misadventures iz in swapmeet fo' dis here brisk, rainy Tuesday! Well, I’ll be! Isn’t dat freezing rain an' sleet mixed? Why, it iz! Hooray! Walking ta da train station will be uh slippery challenge!”

Then our hero stumbled ta da kitchen, flipped da switch fo' da hot water, brushed his teeth, took uh shower, caught da train an' jet ta werk where he accomplished many uh fly thin'.

Then he jet home an' fell asleep on da sofa watching “Pop Idol” or maybe it wuz “Beauty an' da Geeks” or some such sheeit. what 'chew thinking man?

3:57 am  
Blogger WOA said...

It's amazing how closely the ebonics resembles the mubble-mouths of certain regions of NI...

6:37 pm  
Blogger Cynthia E. Bagley said...

Wow that was fun. Guten Morgen. :-)

7:07 pm  
Blogger WOA said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Cynthia. Welcome to my sad little party.

9:19 pm  
Anonymous Jefferson Davis said...

Damn, I was going to do this very same thing. (Oh Well) By the way, I hope you guys can put up with me, because I'll be in Belfast from the 1st until the 4th of June. That is a longtime for anybody, or any city to put up with me. Nah, I'm not that bad, but seriously, I'll be in Belfast City Centre four days at the Jury's Inn. I've heard good things about this hotel, what's your say?

12:19 am  
Anonymous Jama said...

Your sad little party is the most fun I've had in weeks. Now that's sad...

1:33 am  
Blogger WOA said...

Yes, Jama. That is sad. But you are mentioned on LTA Chapter 31 this week. Maybe that'll cheer ya up!

2:48 pm  
Anonymous Jama said...

Yeah, heard that. Do I get to be Mr. Jett's quandry muse from now on?

1:00 am  
Anonymous jama said...

Seriously though, that stuff about Wamego was freaking hilarous. Never come here. The Oz museum is not worth the hassle.

1:04 am  
Blogger WOA said...


6:27 am  
Anonymous jama said...

Yes, friend. Oz Museum...


see for yourself. After the tour which takes all of 5 minutes you can eat a scrumptous meal at Toto's Tacoz. That is not a typ-o, it is actually spelled with a z, or zed I guess you would say.

11:34 pm  
Anonymous jama said...

Woops! Typ-o is in fact a type-o.

11:57 pm  
Anonymous jama said...

BTW Wayne, I heard some bad news about your H5N1 strain of Bird Flu. You better click here:

Indeed, it will kill us all.

2:01 am  

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