Monday, June 05, 2006

Just in case

I know many of you are probably concerned that the world is going to end tomorrow, what with the date being 666 and all.

Well click here and find out how you can take part in the "violent worship and praise" being planned by my distant Dutch relatives over in the Netherlands. I'm not sure what violent worship and praise entails exactly but since this is taking place in the land of legalized drugs I'm sure it will involve horrific retching and mass pizza consumption.

Groovy man.


Blogger Phil said...

Who would win in a fight? Devil Cat or Ceiling Cat?

5:20 pm  
Blogger The Rev said...

Violent worship and praise?

How does that go? Do you go around shouting, "Praise the Lord, you f**kers!!!"

7:39 pm  
Blogger WOA said...

My money's on Ceiling Cat. I don't know why, just a feeling I get.

Steve, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to violent worship...actually your guess was better than mine...

6:34 am  
Anonymous Brianf said...

I've got Ceiling Cat at 5 to 1 in the third round but Devil Cat is expected to take the odds by going the full 15 rounds and is paying 3 to 2.

12:14 pm  

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